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Prepared Appliances For Moving Macon GA

Got a call from a moving company in Macon GA about preparing appliances to be moved.  After talking with the moving company I scheduled an appointment with the homeowner.  One thing I had to and is very important when transporting front load washers is to install the shipping bolts.  The shipping bolts come with the washer when purchased new and are removed after setup.  They should always be kept so they can be re-installed on the next move.  I also installed caps on the water inlet valves ( hot and cold ) so they are not damaged and free of debris.  I also drained the water from the washer.


The dryer was very easy.  I just disconnected the vent, which the customer wanted to throw away, and placed the vent clamps in a bag and placed in the dryer.


The refrigerator was pretty easy too.  I just removed and capped the water line and drained the water from the reservoir and the ice maker.


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