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Repair Blog’s Grand Re-Opening

We are doing a Grand Re-opening!

I want to apologize about not giving updates to the repair blog page for quite some time now.  To be honest when I started the repair blog I thought it was a good way to add better content to the website causing the site to rank higher in the search results.  It may have done what I had anticipated but I later found out that these posts were actually useful to many people searching the web for the same types of problems they were having and my blog posts helped them figure out their problem and how to correct it.

We are much busier today than we were when we opened for business so we don’t have as much time to spend as we did before.  However, many people have thanked me for what I have done with the blog and it saved them money from having to call someone like ourselves to repair their problem for them.  So I’m gonna be posting some of the problems we run into from time to time with hopes that I can help someone somewhere with their problem.

I have people that help me and save me money so why not do the same for others?  And I do.  many times I can help a customer right over the phone and not charge them anything.  I don’t mind.  I cannot always help over the phone because the nature of the problem and needing to be there and seeing what’s going on.  But I’ve learned these blog posts help people and I’m all for that so I’ll be updating the blog much more often and I hope I can save many people money just from my experiences.

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