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Samsung Dryer Repair Warner Robins GA

Today I worked on a Samsung dryer ( DV419AEW/XAA ) that was not heating.  To access the heating elements, high limit, and thermal fuse you go in from the front of the dryer.  Take the top off, snap the control panel out, and remove one screw from each side at the top and 4 screws from the front of the dryer with the door open.  Then you pull up on the front and lift the door out.  You also have to disconnect any wiring harnesses.


After I have access to the element and other parts I pull out my ohm meter.  First I disconnect one wire from one of the terminals of the heating element.  I place my leads on each terminal.  This should zero out or read a closed circuit if the element is good.  It did not.  I removed the bad element and saw where it burned and separated.  I installed a new heating element and closed everything back up.

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