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Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Warner Robins GA

On this call the customer had Whirlpool refrigerator ( GB2FHDXWQ02 ) that was leaking water.  I had to do this repair before it created a larger problem.  This refrigerator is a bottom mount meaning the freezer is on the bottom.  I pulled open the freezer door and saw where water had accumulated and froze in the very bottom.  This led me to believe they had a clogged up drain line.  Every 8 – 10 hours or so the refrigerator will go into defrost mode.  In defrost mode the compressor shuts off and the defrost system comes on.  There is a defrost heater that heats up and melts any ice that has built up on the evaporator coils.  The water from the melted ice has to go somewhere so it is routed to the bottom of the refrigerator and into the drain pan.  In this case the drain line was stopped up so the water started running into the refrigerator and freezing on the bottom and eventually on to the floor.

Removing the bottom drawers is not any fun at all so you must have patience.  Once I had the drawers removed and the back cover off I started melting away all of the ice.  Once the ice was melted I cleaned the drain line.  Actually when the ice that was in the drain broke free the debris that caused the blockage went with it.  In the drain pan I saw what appeared to be small pieces of wet cardboard.  This is what was causing the problem.

I removed all of the cardboard, cleared the drain line with an air cartridge and the problem was corrected.

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