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Refrigerator Leaking Water – Warner Robins, GA.

Model Number: HSS25GFPJWW

Customer complained refrigerator leaking water on the freezer side at the bottom.  Technician found that the drain line was stopped up.  We defrosted all of the ice from the bottom the the freezer and cleaned out the drain.  The refrigerator will now drain properly.

All refrigerators and freezers that are self defrosting have a drain line under the evaporator coils.  What happens is when the system goes into defrost a heater comes on and melts the frost off of the coils.  If this didn\’t happen the unit would freeze up and stop cooling properly.  The melted frost has to go somewhere and that\’s the purpose of the drain line.  The water runs into the drain pan and evaporates before the next defrost cycle.  When the water cannot drain it backs up and starts freezing in the refrigerator / freezer and eventually starts melting onto the floor.

On this particular call the technician found that a package of food somehow got over the drain hole and prevented it from draining.

You want to keep cardboard out of the refrigerator or freezer.  The cardboard gets moisture on it and starts breaking up.  This cardboard seems to find it\’s way to the drain line and cause a problem.  Also, loose food will do the same thing.  Shrimp tails, peas, green beans, and many other types of food have found their way into the drains and created problems.  Keep loose food secured in a ziploc bag or some other type of container.

If it does become clogged use a steamer or a hair dryer to defrost all of the ice and clear the obstruction.  If you have a problem and need professional assistance just give us a call and we\’d be glad to take care of it for you.  Visit us online

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