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A. Taylor

My experience has been extremely memorable! Denise is an amazing compassionate professional, who went above and beyond to meet my needs as a spontaneous customer. My mother was in need of a refrigerator for her new home and Denise corresponded with me throughout the morning, in an effort to provide exceptional selfless service, within a very short timeframe (literally within a few hours). She sent numerous photos to me and ultimately played a vital role in the huge \”unplanned\” surprise I had for my mother. Denise quoted me a price for a washing machine within my budget, so I added it to the order as well! She kept me posted, via text, while the \”scheduled appliance deliveries” were being conducted. Once the purchase transaction was complete, Denise informed me as soon as the order was loaded and ready for delivery. At that time, I staged the scene and anticipated being on the phone to hear my mother’s reaction to the surprise. The delivery staff, Walter and Tellis, was absolutely, phenomenally amazing and worked extremely well as a team! When my mother saw the delivery truck stop directly in front of her home, she instantly said, \”Someone\’s appliance truck just pulled up, I need to write their number down because I need a refrigerator!\” After telling the driver he arrived at the wrong house, she was informed by the team that the household goods were in fact for her and to, “call her daughter”, but I was already on the phone. The surprise was a success and it brought tears to my mother’s eyes! The delivery crew made over several attempts to get the oversized refrigerator into the house. After multiple failed attempts, the handles to the refrigerator had to be removed by Walter and Tellis. Improvising is everything, but in this case, Walter and Tellis’ improvised removal of the door handles did not work (apparently, older homes have smaller door frames). As a final strategy to the madness, the actual doors to the refrigerator were removed and after almost an hour and a half later, Walter and Tellis were successful; Resilience is virtue! The level of persistence and timeless effort put forth by Denise, Walter and Tellis superseded my expectations! Today, I experienced some of the best service I have seen in many years. Thanks so much for being a part of my gift of giving for my mommy!

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