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About Us

This is Appliance Magic’s About Us page and I’ve decided this page will be about us.  If you’re looking for business information, you can find that on any of our other pages.  Let’s talk a little bit about the people you’ll deal with when you have an appliance break down and need a repair.
teamwork is very important in appliance repair service


Appliance Magic formed as a business in October 2011. It was me, Jason Kirksey, and my wife, Denise Kirksey, that chose the journey through the unknown. We knew there would be risks involved, and challenges that we’d have to overcome. But we’re not the type of people that would let silly things like that stand in our way. We had an idea and nothing or nobody could change our minds about it.


At this time I had been an electrician for about 15 years with about 5 years of appliance repair experience mixed in. Denise had been in the appliance business for over 20 years. No no, she’s not a technician. She was on the parts side of it. She was looking up parts, selling parts, answering questions over the phone. That sort of thing, and she’s really good at it.
stong knowledge of appliance repair service
hard work is crucial in appliance repair service


So we started Appliance Magic. Honestly, we made the right decision. It took some time and lots of hard work, but we did it. We have thousands of loyal customers. Our team has grown to include other technicians as well. We hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves to. It’s a success story that was only a hope and a dream in the beginning.


integrity is important in appliance repair service
respect is a large part of appliance repair service
relationships in appliance repair service
excellence in appliance repair service